Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I have a stalker...

and I kind of like it! My sock pal, sorry, Sockimus Palimus, has been sending me little missives through the mail. First there was this one:

Then there was this one:

This was the most wonderful thing to come home to after a 12 hour shift. I laughed so hard that snorting was heard. It was brilliant! I love my Sockimus Palimus.

The other thing I came how to was this:

A puffy from the Sweet Sheep. So nicely packaged and there is this awesome little pin with the sheepy logo. Very cute! So yeah, yarn diet, that was sooooo yesterday. :)

Here you see some Fleece Artist Sea Wool (squishability factor of 13), Shelridge Farms Handpaint (squishability factor of 12), and Mama C*EYE*BER Fiber (colour factor 1,000,000 - it's called blood orange, swoon).

Okay, shower and back to work. Thanks for coming out kids!


gray la gran said...

wow ... you have some delicious new yarns there to play with!
a few weeks ago i received an invite to ravelry. i replied with an affirmative, but then nothing happened. perhaps i didn't follow protocol? or the person who did the inviting let the process fall through the cracks. hmmm ....
oh well, i think i'm too busy knitting socks and having lust for pretty yarns i don't have, such as your little pile here :)

Bethany said...

Isn't it nice, how they package yarn?

The one time I ordered from Pick Up Sticks, she added three stitch markers, too.

Yarn people are great.