Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still alive, by the skin of my teeth

Here's some advice, it's free and I'm most definitely not using it. Once you reach the age of 38 (or so) you have no business going out to a stagette and drinking with the 19 - 26 crowd. Just so you know.

Before we get to that though, 'Nessa and I went to the production centre tour of Bard on the Beach on Saturday afternoon. It was great. Got to see the teeny tiny little mockups of what the stages will look like, checked out the costuming department (beyond cool!), and then...wait for it...we got to sit in on part of the rehearsal for Taming of the Shrew. FABULOUS! My three favourite actors were all there, Haig Sutherland, Rob Frazer, and Kyle Rideout. It was wonderful. They are doing it in the concept of spaghetti western and it really worked. It's going to be hilarious.

From there, I'm afraid things went downhill. A bunch of us were going to celebrate a friends impending (hmmm, that sounds sort of ominous) marriage and away we went. To the strippers. I'm proud to say, I had never been to the strippers before. I can no longer say that. Sigh. Before we went Vanessa and I were having a few drinks at home. Which led to a few shooters. Which led to this:

This one has some Stella in it. The dogs were having a gas with us running around like idiots.

Why yes, we are cool! It's like Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings threw up. You can tell how this is going to end, can't you? Off to the bar, more drinks, falling, having to leave the bar. Yep, I am way too old for these sorts of activities. Anyway...needless to say 'Nessa and I were just a scoach hung over on Sunday. So hung over in fact that I did not make it to my mom's house and take her for dinner. I might actually be the worst daughter in the world. I'm sorry mom! I'll totally make it up to you this weekend. :)

Also, because of the production centre tour I didn't make it to the Fibre Festival. Lavender says it was lovely. Go see the linen she's spinning, very cool!

After my interview with the RCMP yesterday (which went okay I think,) I popped over to a yarn store in the area that I had never been to, Three Bags Full. Nice, lots of stuff I hadn't seen in person before, Blue Sky Alpaca, Kidsilk Haze, Louet Gems, etc. I did pick up a few things, you know to make me feel better about missing the fibre festival. Okay that's what I'm telling myself. Some Lorna's Laces shepherd sport in purple and orange, a couple skeins of Malabrigo, and I think what might be the last two skeins of Sweet Georgia sock yarn in Vancouver. Oh, and a Noro book.

On the Sockapalooza front, I've started my pal's socks. I did end up changing my mind about the pattern about 76 times. I'm just getting to the patterning so I'll take a pici tomorrow when it looks like more. Version 76.a.1 are the Tidal Wave socks. I think the greens will look nice. Okay, that's it, I'm outta here. I got a tonne o' stuff to get done before work tonight. This working afternoons is starting to grind a bit. Have a good day everyone, I'm going to go sit in my yard in the sunshine and knit a bit before I go to work. :)

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Lavender said...

What a grand way to celebrate the end of a yarn diet! :D